Personal Statements

The personal statement is closest thing the admissions committee can get to actually interviewing you.  Which means it must reflect the key aspects that the schools are looking for in a graduate student such as preparation, maturity, and passion for the subject.

Be specific about your achievements such as the programs you wrote, any engineering you did, the science goals you accomplished etc.

  • One page
  • General 5-paragraph form:
      1. The “Hook”, Not too cliche, Make it very physics-y
        • “When I knew physics was for me…”
      2. Your difficulties/successes in your coursework
        • “The classes that inspired me the most were…”
        • “My transcript shows an upward trend in GPA…”
      3. Your experiences and obstacles in research/work
        • “I had my first taste in research….”
        • “I was truly tested when…”
        • “I learned these programming languages….”
        • “I achieved these sets of tasks….”
      4. Research at *specify university* that appeals to you and why it appeals to you.
        • “Based of my personal interests I would like to work in _______ area of research with ________
      5. Conclusion, emphasizing excitement for the school and your pertinent experiences
        • “I am ready for the rigor and commitment of graduate school because….”