Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are a vital portion of your application, they tell the admissions committee if you are ready to do research with their groups.  That being said you should:

  • Most schools require 3 letters, some schools can accept more.  Take advantage of as many letters as you can.
  • Ask for a letter of recommendation at least a month in advance of the due dates
    • Tell the references the due dates and don’t be afraid to remind them of the deadlines.
    • Also let the references look at your personal statement, resume, and/or CV, this will help them write their letters as well as provide feedback for you.
    • Send the references a link to your Google Doc that has all of the schools you’re applying to. Example: Grad School Application Spreadsheet
  • If you did an REU, make sure you get the professor you worked with to be one of the references.